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Commercial trucks present unique dangers on the road

Commercial trucks present unique dangers on the road

By S A
Nov 1, 2019, 3:02 pm

Driving in and around the New York area more than likely brings you into close proximity to commercial trucks. Large delivery trucks and semis present unique dangers to drivers and passengers in smaller vehicles. Unfortunately, these dangers can result in catastrophic accidents.

When you have to share the road with commercial trucks, it is important to be aware of situations that can lead to an accident with one of the vehicles. The following can give you a basic understanding of the most common causes of truck accidents so that you can take steps to keep yourself safe.

Other vehicles

Passenger vehicles are one of the largest contributing factors to truck accidents. Many drivers overestimate the performance capabilities of large trucks. For instance, an impatient driver might cut off a large truck in traffic. These larger vehicles are much heavier than passenger cars and need much more time to safely slow down and stop. If a small vehicle suddenly moves in front a commercial truck, the truck may not be able to slow down in time to avoid a collision.

Furthermore, such a collision could end up involving other passenger vehicles in the immediate vicinity. Other faux pas that drivers commit around commercial vehicles include driving in blind spots, trying to pass a turning truck on the right, improper merging and driving between trucks.

Truck drivers

While other vehicles contribute to a large number of commercial truck accidents, the truckers themselves can also make dangerous mistakes on the road. For example, drivers who do not receive proper training or lack knowledge about safety techniques and defensive driving can easily cause an accident. Also, certain industry practices might lead to unsafe driving. Many companies pay higher rates to drivers who make their deliveries early. This often leads to drivers speeding or spending too much time behind the wheel without getting proper rest. Truck drivers who are sleep deprived or speeding are a danger to themselves and other drivers.

If you or a loved one has suffered an injury due to an accident with a commercial truck, keep in mind that you have options. You might be able to file a legal claim against the driver and the trucking company for your damages.

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